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Q: If I live locally, can I just come for the instruction?
A: There will be a few spots available for local riders to join us, however we ask that you take part in the entire weekend's festivities including all meals and presentations. Your pricing will not include housing, but it will include everything else. Please reach out to us via the contact form.    

Q: Can I come for just a portion of the camp?
A: Unfortunately no. Like any team camp, the spirit of this camp is to build skills, bonds, and friendships over the course of four days. However, please note that Thursday's schedule is flexible to allow for varying arrival times based on your travel schedules. 

Q: Are dogs allowed? 
A: Please no dogs. We hate to leave ours at home too, but because of the quick pace and large group, we cannot accommodate dogs.

Q: Who's teaching at the camp besides Jeremy?
Take a look at our awesome group under team

Q: Is the housing co-ed?
The housing is co-ed, but the housing is set up to be family style, everyone has their own bed and space and if necessary, their own room.

Q: What are the sleeping arrangements?
A: Angel's Rest has an assortment of different rooming arrangements, everything from two twin beds to multiple queen beds to single rooms and even a completely private 'off the grid' cabin at the edge of the property. Specific sleeping arrangements will be made once camp fills and we will make sure everyone is satisfied, comfortable and gets a proper night's rest!

Q: What gearing should I bring?
A: Medium range. It's not pancake flat by any means, there are some steeper climbs where we'll be riding on the dirt roads. If you're running SRAM, we will have a lot of material on hand for athletes to use during camp, including cassettes / chainrings if needed.

Q: Do I need road tires?
A: No, just about everything we ride will be dirt / gravel / off road.

Q: Should I bring running shoes? I noticed some runs?
A: No. We'll do a majority of our running on the property, on trails, or on dirt, so running shoes will not be necessary. Of course you are more than welcome to bring running shoes to run in!

Q: Is the camp pricing all-inclusive?
A: Yes, the price of $1,950 includes all meals, drinks, snacks, housing, etc, all you need to bring is yourself and your machine!

Q: What airport should I fly into?
A: Hartford, Connecticut, Airport code: BDL (Bradley International Airport)

Q: Is there someone who can grab me at the airport?
A: We'll do our best to accommodate and if you do need a ride, please let us know as soon as possible.

Q: Are there vegan or vegetarian options available for food?
A: Yes, please let us know if you have any food allergies / restrictions. We're happy to accommodate.

Q: Will this be the most insane camp I've ever done?
A: Yes. This will be the most awesome camp experience we've ever hosted and we're pumped to have you!