JP and Friends Cross Camp

August 17-20

Since I became a pro, I’ve attended many team camps for the different programs I have been a part of, laying down the miles, hanging with the team, it’s always a positive environment. Learning and listening to others is one of the best parts of being in a team atmosphere. The goal of this cross camp is to take people on that journey, with team-building and communication as the foundation from which we build. My personal goal is to bring it 100%, and motivate everyone who attends to have their best season, and experience our methodology and training in a really intensive format that pulls us all together for 4 days of positivity and instruction.

I’m gathering some of the best practitioners I’ve had access to in my career. This will not be a luxury “four seasons” wine and dine experience, but it will be an intensely informative, energizing few days in an idyllic setting. One of the hardest parts about the traditional one or two day camps is that everyone leaves the camp completely smoked from an intense two days before they’ve even started their season. This camp will provide time to dig in, do some actual bike riding, training sessions / instruction, all complimented by great organic / local food. I can promise the knowledge you’ll gain each day will be from some of the most talented, ethically responsible, outgoing leaders I have the pleasure of knowing.

I plan to keep our schedule attainable and fun, not burdensome and exhausting. Participants will be staying at the same compound, a group of rustic homes on a stunning property with hot tubs, fire places, pool, dirt roads, incredible views, reading nooks, great rooms for big group learning sessions, and of course great people all around.

I hope you can join us for this truly one of a kind experience.

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