Q&A with Jeremy via Training Peaks

by chris
1 year ago

Jeremy Powers (Team Rapha-Focus) is the reigning US Cyclocross National Champion. He’s also an avid user of TrainingPeaks. We caught up with Jeremy in the midst of a busy racing schedule geared towards the 2013 UCI World Cyclocross Championships in February.

TrainingPeaks: You’ve had a great start to the year. You’re obviously always fast, but is there anything you are doing differently this season?

Jeremy: Thank you for the compliment! A lot of things are different. Almost everyone that knows me or has been around me knows I spread myself way too thin. The overriding theme in my life, pretty much from last year’s Nationals result into this year’s season, was to focus on myself more and stop being a “yes” man to everything I was asked to do…and really would LIKE to do but realistically couldn’t. To reach my goals, I had to stop taking on things that weren’t actually helping me to attain my goals and pay more attention to myself. Things were getting watered down which isn’t what I wanted anymore. I’ve got a much better…

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