How to Succeed at Cyclocross

by chris
1 year ago

Let’s face it, racing cyclocross isn’t much fun. It’s hard. Often held in foul weather conditions. It can be cold. It’s dirty. Your bike can get awfully beat up. And, probably worst of all, there’s all that technique you have to master before you can have any chance of doing well. Sure, ‘cross bikes run with dropped bars and look like your road bike, but don’t fall for it. Real ‘cross bikes are specialized rigs that, at best, might qualify as a distant cousin to a standard road bike. Racing cyclocross is also nothing like road racing. It’s short and brutal-and that’s just part of the reason that it’s such a great sport.

We talked with three of the top U.S. racers to get the how, why and when of cyclocross training. Ryan Trebon (Cannondale-Cyclocross, Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus) and Tristan Schouten (Optum-KBS) break down their specific training programs and share workouts that will help riders of any level.

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